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Body and structure

Our cellar is located in the centre of Ghemme, beside the church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose construction was begun in 1666 and completed in 1863 with the building of the crypt of the Blessed Panacea, designed by Antonelli.
In this picturesque and old-fashioned setting, our grapes, which are strongly mineralized by the moraine-alluvial soil, yield a wine with "sacred" origins, great structure and medium body; our cellar is right here, in the Old Town near the church of the patron saint.
Expert fermentation and careful ageing in the cellar convey body on our sought-after wines, which are appreciated by modern consumers looking for more balanced, less acidic wines.

Ghemme   Ghemme   Ghemme   Ghemme
Ghemme   Ghemme Vigna Carelle   Ghemme Vigna Cavenago   Ghemme Vigna Cavenago Riserva
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Nebbiolo   Vespolina   Uva Rara   Tice
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Rossini   Piriet        


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